Her Nails are Chili Peppers

Lauren Edelstein debuts a collection of celebrity portraits created from emojis. Lauren's eye for texture, patterns, and colors, cultivated through 15+ years working in the fashion industry, became the catalyst for an unexpected art endeavor in 2018. After noticing that a vintage jacket shared visual elements with emojis she was using, Lauren began replicating her outfits by layering thousands of emojis on her iPhone. Her art then expanded to deconstructing (and reconstructing) everything from runway looks to iconic celebrity portraiture. Lauren’s art subverts familiar imagery with playful elements: a corset top made of lettuce, tousled hair created with dumplings, cleavage constructed from the top of two bald men’s heads. Ultimately, the charm of her creations lies in their irreverence, inviting viewers to actively engage in the work.