These celebrity portraits are 'like the Mona Lisa'— but with wacky emojis.

Almost five years ago today, we put @sequinspandex’s painstaking, emoji-only recreations of runway designs and pop culture figures in High Praise. We encouraged you to follow her so that you could say you knew her when. Well, here we are.

Artist and fashion stylist @sequinspandex uses Stories to create her own emoji portrait collages — and she took us along for a mesmerizing behind-the-scenes look at her process! 🤳

Lauren’s work challenges conventions with irreverent charm, encouraging viewers to actively engage with her pieces. Recently featured in a one-day-only exhibition on the Lower East Side, Lauren’s collection marked a triumphant celebration of her unique creative expression. ✨

Lauren Edelstein, @sequinspandex is Shopbop’s Style Director by day and an Emoji Artist by night, who has created renditions of people like Dolly Parton, Rihanna, and Timothée Chalamet using only emojis like dumplings, hearts, and clouds.

ställe angels issue 02 – lovely lauren